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Chapter 341 Perfect Regeneration education tricky
[Ideal Regeneration]
Reincarnated Into An Otome Game? Who Cares! I’m Too Busy Mastering Magic!
“Get rid of my way—” Just like the Demon Lord roared, Yuan unveiled the Paradise Splitting Sword Strike, fully missing out on the Demon Lord.
“You think you can easily ignore us?”
“Demon cores are hot and spicy!” Yuan exclaimed, recalling at the first try he accidentally ate hot and spicy foodstuff. Nonetheless, the demon core was spicier than a single thing he’s ever expert right before, sensation like he’d just poured a jar of popular sauce on his jaws!
While he believed that Yuan could use up beast cores, he was still amazed speechless by Yuan’s decisions just now. In fact, demon cores are different from monster cores. If enjoying beast cores is akin to normal water, then consuming demon cores is similar to consuming alcohol!
A minute afterwards, Yuan tossed among the list of demon cores on his oral cavity, alarming the Demon Lord as well as grandparents.
Additionally, the blood sword in the Demon Lord’s knowledge even broken a bit!
“Hmph! You don’t reach say this kind of thoughts following everything you just managed! Have you been really human? d.a.m.n beast in our epidermis!” The Demon Lord thought to him.
Carry’s Rose
“Oh yeah no! Check out out, youthful man!”
“Hahaha! Precisely what is that idiot accomplishing?! Does he want to destroy themself?! That produces items less difficult for me!” The Demon Lord burst out laughing like a maniac immediately after witnessing Yuan’s behavior.
“Aim to get my demon primary if you can, you d.a.m.n beast!”
“Hahaha! What the heck is that idiot undertaking?! Does he desire to remove themselves?! Which enables items much easier for me personally!” The Demon Lord burst open out giggling like a maniac right after witnessing Yuan’s decisions.
[Paradise Refining Figure Turned on]
Also, the blood vessels sword in the Demon Lord’s understand even cracked slightly!
When he believed that Yuan could ingest monster cores, he was still shocked speechless by Yuan’s behavior just now. Of course, demon cores are totally different from monster cores. If taking in beast cores is akin to water to drink, then ingesting demon cores is similar to consuming alcohol!
“Pass away to me!”
“4 hands? That’s not realistic!” Yuan exclaimed after dodging its attacks.
[You will have consumed enough Qi to obtain a advancement]
I’m Really a Superstar
The Demon Lord smacked Yuan once more, now with two further swords.
Cultivation Online
“Several forearms? That’s not sensible!” Yuan exclaimed soon after dodging its attacks.
[You may have hit 3 rd amount Character Grandmaster]
Nonetheless, Yuan overlooked the Demon Lord and proceeded to enjoy the next demon central.
“What?! That’s not possible! How do merely a human being consume a demon center?! You should’ve died the second you consumed it!” The Demon Lord exclaimed within a speech filled with bewilderment.
[Ideal Regeneration]
‘Is this human really individual?! How do a individual survive the chaotic psychic electricity in a demon central?! Just a demon would go angry if this takes in a demon main! He’s much more dangerous when compared to the Lord in many means!’
‘If that thing got success me, I would’ve experienced danger! This individual is really too harmful to get left full of life! Happily, this human being doesn’t get power over it!’ The Demon Lord cried inwardly, believing that Yuan acquired only overlooked while he doesn’t have entire control of the procedure.
‘Is this individual really human?! Just how do a our make it through the chaotic psychic energy in just a demon core?! A good demon would go angry whether or not this uses up a demon primary! He’s all the more damaging as opposed to Lord in a few means!’
Cultivation Online
“Try and get my demon central if you can, you d.a.m.n monster!”
[Paradise Improving Figure Triggered]
[Paradise Refining Body Initialized]
The Demon Lord taken its tooth right before quickly replacing the sword utilizing its blood stream.
Grand daddy Lan smacked the Demon Lord having its strong tail, posting it additional far from Yuan.
“Hahaha! In which the h.e.l.l are you presently aiming?” The Demon Lord laughed within a slightly stressed develop afterward, as it believed the massive energy throughout the hit launched by Yuan just now.
“What is your opinion you’re performing?!” The Demon Lord immediately discovered Yuan obtaining his spiritual power, plainly get yourself ready for an strike, plus it immediately hurried at him.

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