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Chapter 1766 – Dragon Eye Gem outstanding rural
Inside the attic space where Song Shuhang lived, Doudou possessed his tongue sticking out since he happened to run in the hamster tire.
“Uuuuh.” Doudou’s teeth gripped tightly onto Music Shuhang’s head. He’d decided to not just let go, left over persistent towards the very conclude.
Possibly 1 day in the foreseeable future, a younger years would experience fantastic troubles to search for Significant Shot Tyrannical Song’s inheritance, then soon after opening up the inheritance, they will merely get an ‘induction cooker tablet refining’ key strategy.
“Wuuu~ Woof! Ugh!” Doudou was furious.
Then, he could just keep his ‘induction cooker tablet refining’ skill with the inheritance. Who understood, Scarlet Pupil may just have got a ability for capsule improving.
Music Shuhang smiled, and converted to check out the earlier tribal chief. “Tribal key, how is Minor Yinzhu?”
Young lady Kunna experienced a set of okay wines that have been more delightful than even Immortal Fairy Bie Xue’s immortal vino, this also wine was fairly robust. Moreover, Girl Kunna’s batch of red wine possessed a very good result on one’s cognitive vitality, consequently it was very fitted to get taken to a feast.
Tender Feather mentioned, “But he’s very pleasurable when he’s in this way.”
Viewing Doudou’s resentful encounter, Melody Shuhang happily saved the scene. Then, by having an urge of his will, the tire discontinued rotating.
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However, when it arrived at pill improving procedures, he’d only processed entire body tempering liquid… plus it was the type sophisticated by using an induction cooker. He hadn’t actually realized how to perfect products using a pill furnace.
“Sure, the greater number of the greater,” Song Shuhang claimed. “Right, I will make a handful of buckets of wings inside on top of that, it’ll be another pay back for him following he gets thru.”
On account of each one of these components, Doudou’s thighs possessed already long gone fragile.
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It was time to talk about remuneration.
Then, he started out to think about his ‘skills’.
“An inheritance s.p.a.ce?” When Soft Feather observed this, her eyes lit up. “Senior Track, let us cause it to collectively! Will be there something I can do?”
He’d found this ‘hamster functioning wheel’ did not only prevent one from piloting, but also put in the negative impacts of increasing weakness and doubling gravitational pressure. Additionally, the more one ran in the hamster wheel, the better forms of extra effects would arise.
Smooth Feather heightened her hand, and stated, “I created a collection of forging techniques for forging piloting swords which might be breakable, and cannot be applied for eliminate very fast. Could we spot that inside far too?”
The Fundamental Buddhist Fist Technique? All those a variety of primary karate? The Lightning Palm?
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“Is that fellow Shuhang still not lower back still? Woof~” Doudou exclaimed while panting.
Then, Melody Shuhang, Very soft Feather, Lady Onion, and Scarlet Paradise Sword reappeared within the attic space.
Tender Feather explained, “What about my mature brother’s customized ‘Turtle Respiratory Technique’? Recently, Senior Brother Jianyi asked to help you him distribute his ‘Improved Turtle Inhaling Technique’. I was thinking about submitting a copy than it during the Nine Provinces Top Class, nevertheless i neglected to transmit it.”
“Doudou, you ought to have implemented me and Older Piece of music.” Smooth Feather chuckled, and said, “Our journey was actually pleasurable.”
“Miss Yinzhu remains to be resting, also it doesn’t be like you will discover any problems with her. But she hasn’t woken up for a while now, is she really excellent?” the existing tribal main expected which has a tinge of worry.
“It’s not scary, it is a smirk that emerges when having happiness from another’s misfortune,” said Song Shuhang. Then, he exported the catalog of the Demon Emperor’s inheritance, and showcased it for Gentle Feather and Senior Scarlet Paradise Sword to see.
Track Shuhang said, “If you now have a toothache, it is best to come down. You can not nibble by my go, so don’t take the time.”
“Uuuuh.” Doudou’s tooth gripped tightly onto Music Shuhang’s go. He’d thought to hardly just let go, remaining stubborn for the very finish.
Soft Feather claimed, “Senior Track, your grin is indeed menacing.”
Inside the Dragon Group World, there were also existences similar to ‘immortal chefs’. In those days, Young lady Kunna had personally manufactured some specialties in the Dark colored Dragon Environment for Piece of music Shuhang.
He simply circulated the Version Metal Hands and fingers Approach.
“No issue. In the end, we have been decent siblings. I’ll quit it on your behalf without delay.” While he declared that, Tune Shuhang missing management of his two fingers, had taken out his telephone, after which had photos of Doudou from all aspects.
“How with regards to you also depart a copy of the Demon Emperor’s immortal chief cook secret methods of there?” Older Scarlet Heaven Sword said—it noticed damaging to Scarlet Pupil for all of the clutter of stuff that Tune Shuhang and Tender Feather ended up causing from the inheritance.
“Doudou, I suddenly take a question I want to request you,” Melody Shuhang said while consuming images.
Then, he started out to contemplate his ‘skills’.
“Administrator Tyrannical Dragon, is there what you need?” the Dragon Network system a.s.sistant asked—with the Demon Emperor’s Dragon Group Node having been taken care of, the Dragon Network’s Will was in a really decent state of mind, therefore, the Dragon Group a.s.sistant had also been very good.

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