Deevynovel Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet txt – Chapter 2219 substance snail -p2

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Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet

NovelPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little SweetPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet
Chapter 2219 basin soup
“This band signifies misfortune… Send it back to me!” Ye Wanwan shouted.
Before the Steer Range top notch could continue, the black-robed man withstood up and walked toward Ye Wanwan, his gaze quickly getting on Ye Wanwan’s fiercely clenched fist.
Ye Wanwan stared on the black colored-robed gentleman near by and didn’t answer.
“The diamond ring, naturally,” the Strong Collection top notch clarified. “It’s just what the sir desires. Director Fearless, you shouldn’t resist futilely.”
Ye Wanwan’s mouth curled up. “What? Does your heart injure?”
“It should really be,” the dark colored-robed guy responded.
The dark-colored-robed male picture forward and stared at Ye Wanwan. “Open your hand or else I’ll immediately kill the a couple upstairs.”
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“Huh?” The Strong Brand top level was startled.
“President Bai, I’m revealing to you—be far more logical and give the piece,” the Strong Lines high level shouted coldly.
President Fearless seriously obtained astonishing looks…
Ever since Ye Wanwan figured out this ring represented supreme strength in the Rose of Death, she acquired secret it and started off wearing this phony, the leading purpose getting to mislead individuals.
Ye Wanwan frowned profoundly.
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Whenever the black color-robed gentleman found the band in Ye Wanwan’s palm, he cautiously decided on it up, appearing to greatly appeal this diamond ring.
“It should really be,” the black-robed male responded.
Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet
“Heh, precisely what a pity. I’ve wrecked that engagement ring already.” Ye Wanwan snorted.
Just before Ye Wanwan could respond, the Primary Series top level tied Ye Wanwan up and taken her to your Fearless Alliance’s prison. Concerning 3 rd Elder and large Dipper, these people were certain and secured at the office.
“Huh?” The Steer Range elite was startled.
If the dark-robed man found the engagement ring in Ye Wanwan’s fingers, he cautiously picked it up, showing to greatly price this band.
Nonetheless, he disregarded her and put the band on his finger.
Chapter 2219 Give the product
Since that time Ye Wanwan mastered this engagement ring manifested supreme potential in the Increased of Loss, she acquired concealed it and started putting on this phony, the key intent being to mislead individuals.
“Heh, what a pity. I’ve demolished that engagement ring actually.” Ye Wanwan snorted.
“It should be,” the dark-colored-robed person responded.
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“Do do you know what I detest essentially the most in doing my daily life?” the dark colored-robed gentleman calmly questioned.
“President Bai, I’m telling you—be a lot more sensible and hand over an item,” the Strong Series high level shouted coldly.
Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet
Without other preference, she opened her fist.
Ye Wanwan stared with the dark colored-robed guy in close proximity and didn’t reply.
Having said that, he ignored her and placed the diamond ring on his finger.
The black colored-robed person carefully looked at the engagement ring.
Ye Wanwan considered this black color-robed person experienced never observed the true object.
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Director Fearless seriously had outstanding looks…
Chapter 2219 Hand over an item
The dark colored-robed male carefully examined the ring.

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